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Greek (ελληνικά, ελληνική γλÏŽσσα), is an Indo-European language native to the southern Balkan peninsula, the language of the Greeks. It forms an independent branch within Indo-European. It has the longest documented history of any Indo-European language, spanning 34 centuries of written records.  In its ancient form, it is the language of classical Ancient Greek literature and the New Testament of the Christian Bible. In its modern form, it is the official language of Greece and Cyprus, and spoken by a total of approximately 20 million people (first language for ca. 15 million), including minority and emigrant communities in numerous parts of the world. It is written in the Greek alphabet."  Quoted directly from

Greek Orthodox Church

The picture above is an outside view of the Greek Orthodox Church.

This is a photograph of the elaborate and ornate Greek writing in the doorway of the church.

St. Symeon Orthodox Church

St. Symeon’s front view.

This is a picture of St. Symeon’s sign at the front of the church building.